If you would have asked me what I would write about first if I ever started a blog- professional athletes would have been at the bottom of the list. I know I’m way behind on this whole “throwing-my-opinions-at-the-internet” thing, but the last time I followed a team sport Dennis Rodman was known for rebounds- not for “diplomacy.” But here we go.


I’m sure by now you have all heard about Jason Collins coming out of the closet. I don’t see how that really counts as news- but it’s the attached picture and others like it that have really annoyed me the last couple days.

For anybody who has been miraculously spared of this phenomenon- here’s the overall premise presented: Tebow is a Christian and gets no media publicity, but Collins comes out of the closet and is a media darling. This is a clear case of persecution against christians by the gay agenda.

The problem is that’s just not true. Let’s look at what these two guys have in common. They are both middle-of-the-pack professional athletes who are also Christians. That’s right- Collins is a Christian too. That kind of muddies the waters doesn’t it?

The claim that we just ignore poor Tim because he’s a Christian just doesn’t hold water. This is evidenced by the fact that even though I don’t follow sports or watch ESPN, not only do I know who Tim Tebow is, I know that he has recently been released by the Jets and what all of his options are going forward.

Now the big news is that Jason Collins is openly gay. He has been openly Christian for his entire career, but we never heard about that. Christianity Today hasn’t ever run a story on him and his faith. MSNBC and Fox haven’t followed every detail of his career. Focus on the Family hasn’t featured him in a big-budget commercial (and now likely never will.) You can speculate as to why this is the case.

Is it because he doesn’t have a trademark pose? Is it because he closes the door behind him when he prays to God? Is it because he doesn’t write John 3:16 on his face?

Or is it because most americans and likely, by extension, most athletes in america identify as Christians? Does being a part of the majority make Tim Tebow worthy of our praise and attention? I think he seems like a nice, fairly humble guy who loves Jesus but I don’t like football so I don’t care to hear about it every time he gets traded to a new team.

As I said before I don’t think either story is particularly news-worthy, but the claim that this proves a media bias is, I think, mistaken. But to claim that this amounts to the persecution of Christians is outright ludicrous. There are places in the world where Christians are persecuted for their faith- ostracized, beaten, or killed for their beliefs. But America isn’t one of those places. In America it is Jason Collins who is the outsider. The other.

And irrespective of your views on homosexuality, Christ calls us to stand in solidarity with the other. So join me in throwing away divisive rhetoric and poorly drawn facebook comics, to welcome everybody into God’s ongoing creation.

What do you think?
Am I just ignorant of modern sports? (Yes)
Am I on the right track, but just an awful writer?
Am I brainwashed by the liberal media?


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