My name is Eric Masters. I live with my wife Amber in Peoria, IL. I have no experience or gifting in writing but a keen desire to be in discussion about how to live in Jesus’ upside-down kingdom.
I have moved to a blog format primarily to move this conversation away from facebook, but I hope the discussion may continue. All views are welcome here and I will only moderate comments that don’t even remotely contribute. Please join and we can help each other embody the imago dei.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah, Peoria! I have fond memories of an ice storm there and my car breaking down!

    If you would care to review Christian Pacifism: Fruit of the Narrow Way, I would be glad to send you the word doc.

  2. Howdy. I read a number of posts you made on Rachael Evans’ blog and signed up on WordPress so I could “follow” your blog. Is the basic way to follow your blog to sign up using email notification?

    • If you are a wordpress user you can click ‘Follow’ at the top and you will get emails when I post something new. I believe you can just directly subscribe via email, but I’ve never done that personally. Unfortunately I do not post very often because I’m very bad at blogging. Welcome!

  3. It was good to meet you, Eric, and thank you for inviting me to your blog. Ya’ know, I was a decades-long Illinoisan before fleeing to Nevada six years ago after deciding that I’ve had more than enough with patently absurd Midwestern winters, so we at least have a bit of common ground with one another — despite holding to worldviews that come from diametrically-opposed ends of the ideological spectrum.

    I’m hopeful that we can find a way to be of mutual benefit to one another as we exchange our thoughts and beliefs regarding the Christian faith. I’m also cautiously optimistic that I have finally discovered a “left-wing” Christian blogger who promotes an environment of civility and respect strong enough to sustain a diverse, fruitful and lively marketplace of ideas. God bless.

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